Ukrainian national project

Building digital transformation roadmap
in Agri-Food



The project goal is to build digital transformation roadmap for Agri-Food sectors. Enterprises and market players go through 3 main stages as building strong business-cases, innovation forum and the final sessions of development roadmaps.

All stages are done in the collaboration of decision-makers of end users with experts of professional communities and Centers of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine. Project initiators are Association of Industrial Automation in Ukraine (APPAU) and association ‘AgriTech Ukraine’. Technology partners are cathedra of industrial automation and IT from National Food Universities from Kyiv and Odessa. Many other partners from international vendors and leading integrators are involved into the project.

Advantages and deliverables for Agri-food End users

The project has a set of unique value proposition that are for the fist time available for Ukrainian agri-food sectors

Collaborative platform

The project changes the dominative approach from separate and narrow development ‘only for me’ to true collaboration of professional from different segments, their exchange of best practices, shared knowledge and common specification of current status-quo vs challenges

Complete industry benchmarking analysis

Project participants will be surveyed with regards to best practices in digital development in Ukraine as well as abroad. The benchmarking report as we did it last year for Machine-builders will be available for all participants.

1st version of Innovator Landscape specified to Agri-Food

We shall do it through the screening and award of best product and solutions in Ukraine. Foreign providers are invited as well

Building of common DX roadmaps for specific sectors of Agri-Food

Enterprises can profit from this tool to prepare its own roadmap. They will be equipped with complete ‘toolkit’ with regard to best practices from leading worldwide enterprises

Personal development and skills improvement

Chief of Automation and IT department, CTO will as well largely profit from many ‘technology transfer’ sessions that are multiples through the project. Round tables, online exchanges, webinars, group meeting, strategic sessions, - all that done with best market professionals will serve to your strategic development!

The main idea and format of the project


The methods of innovation as Hackathons, Incubators or Accelerators are already on its way in Ukraine. But typically done in pure ‘IT-style’ they do not exactly match to end users expectation in Manufacturing.

Hackathons and Incubators mix up young startups and mature firms and so far are not interesting to last ones. Corporate accelerators need strong expert support and careful preparation that is not obvious for SMB. But even for big holding they lack expertise and deep understanding of new technologies together with industry knowledge.

The deep issue of industrial innovators in Ukraine is total absence of specialized in manufacturing incubators or technology parks, or other R&D centers with public access. That is why results of mentioned above methods of discovering and nurturing innovations are quite limited and often not relevant of industries expectations. Typical they serve just to support of young startups but do not match to industrial demands of innovations.

Our project considers another approach that is more specified to goals of mid-long term innovative development. Building digital transformation roadmap (DT roadmap) we will follow several important steps that make strong foundation for each Agri-Food end user. These steps include careful design of your business cases, discovering the most relevant innovators, development program for you as a technical leader, many deep discussions and learning, and all these done in collaborative approach.

Finally, we want to extend the common understanding of such innovation projects by putting all project participants into global context of innovation technology in Agri-Food. We believe that Industry 4.0 is not just about technologies. It is about a strategic re-think of how enterprises develop their new capabilities, how they measure and interpret data and how they collaborate in fluid, fast changing and global context.

Therefore, the Industry DT roadmap is a primary tool for each enterprise in Agri-Food. It is able to quickly profile your innovative, investment and technical strategies and align them to best world practices, but with respect of Ukrainian realities and maturity level.

Project expert

Project stages

There are 3 stages in the project

1 stage:


(3 months)

End users engagement, screening of business needs and demands through online survey, focus interview, preparing business cases, analytical report ‘Top 30 business cases for Agri-food

2d stage:

Competition and Innovation forum

(1 month)

Dissemination of business cases, invitation campaign to competition, analysis of proposal, choice of best candidates. Preparing of Innovation forum in Agri-Food

3d stage:

Building DX roadmap

(3 strategic sessions and final conference)

Common specification of DX roadmap for chosen sectors of Agri-Food. Scope includes but not limited: 3 strategic sessions, development of roadmaps, issue of special report ‘Digital transformation roadmap for Agri-Food’. Preparing the final conference.

Initiators and main partners

Educational partner

Information partners

Digital transformation roadmap in the specific segment (as oil, sugar, beverages, milk and so on) helps decision makers to get the common strategic development plan that can be easily aligned to challenges of an enterprise. In fact, it is matter of set-up of industry targets and innovation policies.

Let’s build DX roadmap together!

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